We have a range of manicure treatments to give your help your hands feel and look simply wonderful.

Exfoliation Manicure

A similar service to the Standard Manicure, with an additional exfoliation treatment to remove the dry and dead skin that accumulates on the surface of hands.

Paraffin Manicure

A similar service to the standard manicure, with an additional paraffin wax treatment. The paraffin wax helps to moisturise the skin and can aid in the healing of cracked skin. The treatment also softens the cuticles and exfoliates dry skin, leaving silky, smooth finish. This treatment can be particularly helpful for those with sore muscles and joints.

Gold Manicure

A three step manicure that involves a salt scrub, salt and oil scrub and hand cream. We use Seacret Dead Sea minerals that contains 26 essential minerals to begin the treatment. Once we have shaped the nails and cleaned the cuticles, we exfoliate the hands with a salt and oil scrub, followed by a relaxing lower arms and hand massage with Shea Butter hand cream to increase circulation and prevent dry, chapped skin. We finish the treatment with the fresh application of a polish of your choice.

Royal Manicure

A relaxing treatment including a Seacret salt scrub followed by a body mud mask to relieve symptoms of stress, rheumatic pain, skin inflammation, psoriasis and eczema. We then treat your skin with an additional salt and oil Seacret scrub, using 26 essential Dead Sea minerals to maintain healthy hands. Once nails have been shaped and cuticles maintained, we massage lower arms and hands with Shea Butter cream to increase circulation and help prevent dry skin, finishing the treatment with a fresh application of a polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure

An unforgettable treatment combining the standard manicure with exfoliation and paraffin treatments. Treat yourself with a luxurious Deluxe Manicure today.